Entry #1

Bear with me.

2017-07-05 15:43:07 by MadhouseDUDE

Hey everyone

Just a quick update to everyone about what's going on at the moment. 

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting my music, it really means a lot to me, and I am very appreciative for all the feedback I get as well as all the messages. 

But I should let all of you know that I am actually busy with a sort of side project at the moment, that has been in development for over two years. And that is basically the fact that I am currently writing a book/novel.

Crazy right?

I won't go into too much detail about it, but I will probably be making more and more updates on it as time goes on.

But don't stress (I know am), more music will be uploaded this year, actually a whole EP will be uploaded hopefully by some time in August-September. It should have a few tracks on it, that I have also been in development for quite a while now, but of course have been delayed time and time again due to work. I do apologise for anyone who has been waiting patiently for me to upload something as it has now been a few months. 

I have been making sure that the tracks that I am going to upload will be of the up-most quality for your listening pleasure. 


Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good holiday, if you are having one, and wish all my fans and listeners the best of days to come. Thank you for reading, and have a lovely day. 




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2017-07-05 15:48:54

Okay man! Have a good time making your book! Everyone here loves your music <3

MadhouseDUDE responds:

Thanks for the kind words. Make sure to come back for updates, and especially for August-September for multiple surprise releases.


2017-07-05 16:02:21

Oh my god.. How? You replied!! I'm so happy.. Will you make a song similar to Now We're Talkin? :)

(Updated ) MadhouseDUDE responds:

Never knew that track would gain so much attention, but there will be something with similarities to it in the EP.
But glad you like it. :)


2017-07-05 17:13:02

Hey, from a fellow musician. We haven't met before, so I guess it's about time we met. We didn't sign up too far off from each other (in terms of timeframe). Anyway, pleasure to meet you. : )

MadhouseDUDE responds:

Pleasure. Hope you enjoy your stay and feel free to browse the music on my page.


2017-07-05 22:44:24

Came to your profile JUST NOW to see if you had posted anything new. Perfect Timing, huh? also, WHEN CAN I GET THIS BOOK??? 8)

MadhouseDUDE responds:

The book is going to be a while from now. However, as mentioned, I will keep my page updated on the progress I am making with it.