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This track makes me think of smoking weed on top of Mount Everest while in my pajamas. I give you 4 and a half vape pens out of 5. Papa bless <3

Lockyn responds:

<3 <3 MHD how are you mate! it's been so long :) thanks for the loveee

Wow! This is really good. Love the clean sound this track delivers. Well done!

Dat Kick Dough...

No, but in all seriousness, a nice Ambient/Drum N' Bass track you got going on here. My only complaint in all honesty is that there is a bit too much bass going on when there doesn't need to be. If it was tuned down a notch, I would have awarded this a 5 star as I really do like the style you are going with :)

Xertec responds:

Ok thanks for the advice. I might go back into fruityloops and mess with the bass a little and then reupload.

It's like 12 am here, and I am incredibly tired,
HOWEVER, I will say this...
Bravo sir, bravo indeed.
*sips wine*

Lockyn responds:

THANK YOU SIR! for reviewing this even when you were incredibly tired :D A toast to you, my friend, for being awesome! *gulps wine madly*

Lovely beginning, very melodic and up beat. Keep at it ^_^

I would say this is more glitch hop/techno more than house music. But it's still very catchy and got a good flow.

Love the old skool vibe to it. Reminds me of The Prodigy =D And that's always an A* in my book.
Well done and keep up the good work!

ljkDICKJUSTICE responds:

wow thank you very much! gotta love the prodigy... :D

Very good. Loving the tune! The drop feels a bit too glitchy in my opinion, but overall, good work. Looking forward to see more of your stuff in the future =D


Pretty good. Though, I think that it needs to be mastered much more, the quality is a bit low, and throughout the song, the sounds feel a bit all over the place. But overall, not bad, could be much better, but this stuff only takes time. Looking forward to your future stuff.


Very well done, I see some true potential in your tracks.
Keep up the good work! :D


aaronmusslewhite responds:

Thank you I haven't been seriously producing for to long but im trying like hell to keep getting better lol, I hope I can get to a point of my music standing well against producers I look up to. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

My name is Kieran, under the alias 'Kawmmander'. I make different types of music from electronic to pop/dance.
Currently writing a book to pass time. https://soundcloud.com/kawmmander
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